It’s likely that you will have a number of personal and professional goals and obligations that may require a little flexibility.

We have a professional obligation to provide the best skills and service to our clients and we are also committed to supporting our staff with flexibility to achieve personal and professional goals. Wherever possible, we work with individuals to try to achieve an outcome that does not compromise our service to clients, but that does afford the flexibility sought.

Flexible options include:

  • Purchase of additional annual leave
  • Variable working hours
  • Part-time working schedules
  • Job share arrangements
  • Working from home
  • A graduated return or exit program

As a firm, we also offer a supportive program for those individuals departing on and returning from parental leave. This includes regular catch-ups in advance of the departure, keep-in-touch buddy programs and paid parental leave. For those returning to the firm, we have developed a re-integration program, specifically designed to provide support upon returning to work.

We provide remote access and portable technology that can assist our legal practitioners in taking a flexible work approach with their working hours, whilst meeting the needs of clients operating in a demanding corporate environment.

We understand the pressures that can develop from working in a highly demanding environment and provide support to our staff in coping with these pressures through the Employee Assistance Program, which provides a confidential avenue for staff members to seek counselling to assist them personally or a family member with personal or professional issues that may be affecting their overall quality of life.