Graduate Programme


The Jackson McDonald graduate program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive induction to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skill to effectively operate in your legal career.

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During your law graduate and restricted practice years, you will rotate through three of our main practice areas. Each rotation, usually eight months in duration, will allow you to gain skills and experience in the practice of a particular team. Rotations will be discussed with you before your placement in these teams, and we do our best to accommodate your particular practice group preferences and areas of interest, in line with business needs.

In your first two years with the firm, you will participate in performance reviews at the conclusion of each rotation and thereafter biannually. These reviews are one of the best ways to ensure you receive regular, constructive feedback on your performance. They are also an opportunity for you to agree future objectives and discuss ongoing career development plans on a timely basis.

In addition, our staff partner and Human Resources team will regularly meet with you and your peers to discuss topical matters and individual workloads.

We see the rotation process as an opportunity for you to experience a variety of practice groups, therefore enabling you to make an informed decision as to which practice group you are best suited.

As part of the Legal Practice Board's pre-admission requirements, you will be required to complete the Practical Legal Training (PLT) program provided by the College of Law. The firm meets all costs associated with your attendance.

The PLT program includes a mixture of face-to-face teaching, practical exercises and online tutorials. It is a rigorous program, designed to ensure that you are provided with a comprehensive base of practical legal skills that you can put to use in your daily work. You can read more at

We work closely with our law graduates to ensure that you get the support you need throughout the course. Study and exam leave is provided and the HR team are always happy to chat if you are finding it hard to balance your firm and College of Law responsibilities.

This is the moment, after years of study where you get to put all of your hard work into action, spread your wings and start to practise law! It can be a roller coaster of excitement and anxiety as you take your first steps. We understand this and are committed to supporting you through your first years as a lawyer.

In addition to our friendly HR team who are always happy to chat, you will have a buddy who will be close to your level and very familiar with what you are going through They will be a valuable source of information and are happy to answer any questions you might have. Beyond this, you will also be assigned a mentor – a more senior lawyer with whom you can start to form a connection and get excited about where your career might go.

Our Partners are passionate about the importance of each new generation of lawyers to the ongoing success of the legal profession and are happy to make themselves available should you have questions about your work or about legal practice in general.

Our usual method for recruiting graduates is through the Vacation Clerkship Program, however we do occasionally look for applicants through the direct graduate application process in August of each year.

Applications for our 2016 Law Graduate positions have now closed.

Applications for our 2015/16 Vacation Clerkships, which would lead to 2017 Law Graduate positions will open on Monday, 20 July 2015. Please see our Vacation Clerkships tab for more information.

If you have any queries about our Vacation Clerk and Graduate recruitment process, please contact Ella Cuccovia, our Human Resources Officer, on for further details.