Graduate Programme


Our graduates are currently employed on an ad-hoc basis.  Learning ‘on-the-job’ legal skills is complemented by bespoke training in the soft skills required to be a 21st century lawyer.  

Whether you want to be an energy lawyer or a litigator, all of our graduate opportunities can be found on our vacancies page.   

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Whilst our clerkship programme is on hold we will still be looking for graduates to fill specific vacancies. 

All of our graduate positions will be advertised on an ad hoc basis on the vacancies section of our website and we encourage all students to regularly visit these pages for opportunities.

If you have any queries about our Law Graduate positions please contact Ella Cuccovia, our Human Resources Advisor, on for further details.

This is the moment, after years of study where you get to put all of your hard work into action, spread your wings and start to practise law! It can be a roller coaster of excitement and anxiety as you take your first steps. We understand this and are committed to supporting you through your first years as a lawyer.

In addition to our friendly HR team who are always happy to chat, you will have a buddy who will be close to your level and very familiar with what you are going through They will be a valuable source of information and are happy to answer any questions you might have. Beyond this, you will also be assigned a mentor – a more senior lawyer with whom you can start to form a connection and get excited about where your career might go.

Our Partners are passionate about the importance of each new generation of lawyers to the ongoing success of the legal profession and are happy to make themselves available should you have questions about your work or about legal practice in general.