Your Career at JacMac

Your Career

A fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable journey

We believe that everyone’s story is different and that you will have career aspirations unique to you. All staff are encouraged to consider their own path – the type of work experience that you might wish to be exposed to and any coaching, mentoring or training that could serve to enhance your journey.

  • Progression

  • Personal Planning

  • Secondments

Lawyers at the firm can progress from solicitor to associate then senior associate and on to either partnership or a special counsel role. We encourage the use of personal career planning resources to map out this process. For our other staff, it is possible to progress your career through levels of seniority within your own discipline or you may wish to focus on deepening your experience at a particular level. Our managers, partners and learning and development advisor are happy to discuss your thoughts.

We take your career progression seriously and we encourage you to work closely with the learning and development advisor to create a tailored personal development plan that maps out your aspirations and identifies specific and achievable steps that you can take towards your ultimate goal.

Personal planning is a collaborative process through which you can draw upon the experience and expertise of our partners, Human Resources, Business Development, Finance and any others you feel could assist you. It will involve discussion about your role, the experience you hope to gain and any further education opportunities that may be beneficial. To further complement your personal development, we offer a suite of training programs that are specific to the needs of our staff to facilitate their progression through our firm.

Whilst the firm enjoys the many benefits of its local and independent focus, we also recognise that our legal practitioners can benefit from a client secondment, an in-house, interstate and/or international experience. Wherever possible, we aim to accommodate these professional and life experiences, whilst also encouraging our practitioners to return to the firm with their newfound expertise and experience.